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AGA: Attribute-Guided Augmentation An optimal control approach for deformable registration Continuous maximal flows and Wulff shapes: Application to MRFs Discovering Hidden Physics Behind Transport Dynamics Dynamic Geodesic Snakes for Visual Tracking Metric Learning for Image Registration Networks for Joint Affine and Non-Parametric Image Registration One-Shot Learning of Scene Locations via Feature Trajectory Transfer Registration of Developmental Image Sequences with Missing Data Scene Parsing with Object Instances and Occlusion Ordering


Adversarial Data Augmentation via Deformation Statistics Geodesic Regression on the Grassmannian


Area-Based Medial Axis of Planar Curves On the Evolution of Vector Distance Functions of Closed Curves Scene Parsing with Object Instance Inference Using Regions and Per-exemplar Detectors


Parametric Regression on the Grassmannian
UNC Biomedical Image Analysis Group (UNC-biag)

UNC Biomedical Image Analysis Group (unc-biag)