deep learning


EasyReg is an extension that builds on Mermaid, providing a simple interface to Mermaid and other popluar registration packages. The currently supported methods include Mermaid-optimization (i.e., optimization-based registration) and Mermaid-network (i.


Analysis approaches for histology images; in particular, for appearance normalization.

Image Registration

Deformable image registration approaches via numerical optimization and deep learning.

Image Segmentation

We have developed multiple image segmentation methods.


Image analysis approaches for the quantitative analysis of osteoarthritis in the knee.


Topological analysis approaches, with a recent focus on integrating deep learning with topology.

A Shooting Formulation of Deep Learning

Continuous-depth neural networks can be viewed as deep limits of discrete neural networks whose dynamics resemble a discretization of an ordinary differential equation (ODE). Although important steps have been taken to realize the advantages of such …

Adversarial Data Augmentation via Deformation Statistics

Deep learning models have been successful in computer vision and medical image analysis. However, training these models frequently requires large labeled image sets whose creation is often very time and labor intensive, for example, in the context of …

Deep Goal-Oriented Clustering

Clustering and prediction are two primary tasks in the fields of unsupervised and supervised learning, respectively. Although much of the recent advances in machine learning have been centered around those two tasks, the interdependent, mutually …

Deep Message Passing on Sets

Modern methods for learning over graph input data have shown the fruitfulness of accounting for relationships among elements in a collection. However, most methods that learn over set input data use only rudimentary approaches to exploit …